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Non-custodial HD wallet running in the browser, with builtin interface to on-chain proposal and voting system, inventory tracking, and experimental logbook.
The Martian Republic is a suite of tools, all of which are tied into an online in-browser non-custodial wallet, allowing the early Martian settlement to offer all civic tasks necessary for a direct participatory democratic community. This new form of congressional Republic in which each participant himself or herself is an active member whose voice is heard, their votes end-to-end auditable, and the very system on which the Republic runs malleable, yet clearly structured, achieves a new level of transparency and direct and immediate consent of the governed.
Each participant directly interacts with society leveraging the advantages of trustless ledger technology for notarized on-chain actions with a client-server open-source second layer providing a scalable architecture. To this end, the project ties together a classic and secure (proof-of-work mined) blockchain (Marscoin) with a modern distributed data tagging and storage system (Interplanetary File System or IPFS).
Instead of smart contract chains, we propose this coordinated toolset that ties deeply into a public blockchain for timestamping and trust verification, but otherwise falls back on reliable open-source client/server architecture and modern decentralized file storage methodologies.
We present an initial set of tools for the Martian Republic from which all basic organizational aspects can be addressed and to which further tools can be added as society evolves:


A quick overview of the various parts of Martian Republic tool-set:
A non-custodial online HD wallet with built-in encrypted backup service and seed phrase recovery.
An on-chain "proof of humanity" peer-based public identity/voter registry using HD Marscoin wallets and decentralized IPFS nodes to store and attest Martian citizenship.
An on-chain, ultra-transparent governance system utilizing the non-custodial wallet, public voter registry, and a coin-shuffle-based, encrypted ballot distribution system to ensure fair voting on public proposals, bills, and amendments by secret ballot.
A HN/Reddit-styled built-in forum to allow proposal and bill discussion for all members of the Martian Republic. Forum entries will be regularly notarized via the timestamping and notarization service on-chain to create a censorship-resistant discussion forum.
Using on-chain tracking of resources produced and allocated. API for systems to feed their production results into a Merkle-tree-based timestamping server for transparent inventory tracking.
A science log book with on-chain timestamping for recording individual and scientific data in a public format to create an immutable record.

Martian Land Registry

An on-chain registry of land ownership rights. Using the blockchain for notarization and timelocking of funds, the Martian land registry allows users to pre-subscribe to land that the public offers up for sale. The governance of the land rights is tied back into the Martian Congress, allowing the public to ensure public property rights.